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True Organic Hydroponics

In most cases people consider hydroponics organic by nature. This is a myth. Hydroponics is just a term used to grow produce or plants and flowers in a soiless culture

The truth is the product grown hydroponically can be just as full of chemicals as tradtional grow methods. Unless you are using organic nutrients, fertilizers and pesticides. Most growers do not want to use any of these because they are thicker and tend to clog up the lines and pumps. The trick is to build your system to handle those things (i.e. bigger pumps, larger water lines etc.). This of course adds to the cost of construction. Hydroponically grown product is already more expensive because of the cost of water and electricity.



We Can And Have Done Better

We have built the system larger to handle the organic nutrients We have built the pumps larger and the water recovery systems larger. Did it cost more? Absolutely! Can we compete? Absolutely.


The Design

1. We enjoy an average water recovery of over %60. We do this by retrieving all the water that is not absorbed by the product or lost to normaal evaporation. We then filter the water with reverse osmosis filtering systems that gives us a pure water supply to start each cycle fresh with.

2. We build all our hydropnic systems using alternative energy (wind and solar hybrid systems.) The result is no energy costs and in most cases we generate surplus energy which we sell to the energy companies. Currently 32 states have passed laws that require the energy companies to buy back the excess energy that these small grids produce. More states are coming onboard everyday. Almost every state has a policy of sorts in place. View the map below for a better idea and visit Energy Research Site for more info.

If you would like to see what we can do for you in the way of designing a system then view our System Design Page We would be happy to show you how we can beat the competition with our designs and how we can make you competitve in the hydroponic excuse us the "True Organic" hydroponic industry.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope your experience on this site has been informative and a great learning experience.

Below are some of the products we recommend for your organic hydroponic project. If you want to build an organic garden then please Follow This Link for some tips and tricks on how to make it "true organic"

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