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Hydroponic Systems

We design our systems totally organic. We only use sustainable materials that are locally souced and meet LEED requirements.

We reclaim and recycle up to %60 of the water that is used and filter it to get a pure water to put back into the system.

We incorporate a wind and solar hybrid energy system that eliminates our energy cost and in most cases gives us a surplus which we can then sell back to the utility companies

We use only oragnic nutrients which means we are raising "true organic" product.

All of these things make our hydroponic systems more environmetally friendly and allow us to grow produce ata competitve and even lower cost then standard growing methods.

For more info on our hydroponic design visit our Hydroponics Page.

Solar Systems

Solar arrays or systems are quickly becoming a mainstay in urban America.

Our system designs incorporate the latest in solar panel design by using a panel that is ten times more efficient then standard solar panel arrays.

These solar panels are less toxic then the old style which makes them environemtally friendly. The old panels had a film put on them that was actually one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet. Not organic at all.

We utilize our own installation team and cut the soft costs of solar installation. This makes our design and installations service cost effective.

To learn more about our solar services visit our Solar Page

Wind Systems

No old style windmill design in our systems. Only cutting edge, environmentally friendly design.

Our wind generators are designed to produce anywhere from 100KW to 12 MW in less space and with less assembly.

We utilize a more efficient design that is friendlier to the environmet and to wildlife. Our design generates more power with lower wind speeds and can also run at higher wind speeds.

To learn more about our wind generation system design visit our Wind Page

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Some Of Our Featured Products

We offer a wide range of products for everyone intersted in going the green enrgy route. To see our full list Follow This Link. P.S. You can only get the system described above directly from us. We also build and sell wind and solar hybrid systems


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